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Guest DJ: Arctic Monkeys

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Sheffield, England indie rockers the Arctic Monkeys are currently on tour supporting their fifth studio album, AM, which dropped in September and quickly became their most commercially successful album to date. Not only is it responsible for the band's highest chart debut stateside, but it also broke a record across the pond - making the Arctic Monkeys the first band on an independent label to debut at number one in the UK with their first five albums.

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The Arctic Monkeys teamed up with iHeartRadio to Guest DJ a radio station that represents them, featuring an eclectic mix a mix of rock, R&B, and more. Check out the band's top ten tracks below.


1. The Stooges, "Raw Power"

"The Stooges' Raw Power is probably an album we listen to most days," frontman Alex Turner tells iHeartRadio. "We’ve been trying not to lately, because you kind of get stuck in a rut sometimes -a little bit of dressing room jukebox - but 'Raw Power' is one when preparing for a show or something. That’s probably collectively our favorite Stooges record, with Fun House perhaps being a close second. It's getting pumped up music, and I just love the simplicity of The Stooges, 'Raw Power.'"

2. Queens Of The Stone Age, "In The Fade"

"Again, probably one of our favorite tunes right now," Turner says. "It’s a bit of a ballad really, but there are correlations between that song and some of the stuff on their new record. A few ballads on that new album – that’s one of my favorite Queens tunes... pounding drums on that ballad."

Matt Helder adds, "Great bassline."

3. Frank Ocean, "Novacane" 

"He’s great," Turner says of Frank Ocean, adding, "Being from the PB-R&B world, as I believe it is now... He f***in' just tells it like it is, and it’s fun like that. He wanders around; I like the scales he wanders around. He’s great, coming from some of that new stuff for music. And what he’s talking about in that tune -- this girl is training to be a dentist that he met at Coachella, and they get it on. Some Novacane comes into it (laughs) while she’s got access to it."

4. R. Kelly, "Real Talk"

"We talk all day about doing a feature on that," Matt Helders tells iHeartRadio. "He stole it with the video for me. I saw it before I heard it, which is important for a lot of R. Kelly."

Alex Turner adds, "It’s better seen than heard (laughs)... Brilliance."

5. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, "City Slang" 

"'City Slang' is probably the antithesis of R. Kelly’s 'Real Talk,' Turner says,  "But it’s just a great bassline. I think the guy whose band that is the guitarist in the MC5, and this is his band after, but 'City Slang' is just a massive tune. Great solos, you know, Detroit."

6. Dungeon Family, "Rollin'"

"We’ve been talking a lot about Outkast and stuff recently, 'cause those kind of borrowed some elements from that rainbow on our new record," Turner says. "But this is a lesser known record by – well there was that big tune called 'The Whole World' by the Dungeon Family, which had some members of Outkast on it – but this is from that record which is called Even In Darkness. It’s like Cee Lo and everybody, but this tune called 'Rollin'' has got the great guitar lick, and it’s just... sexy."

7. Black Sabbath, "Wheels of Confusion"

"Black Sabbath is something we also talk about a lot. In relation to our new record, it’s perhaps the other side to the hip-hop and R&B thing - and just touched on - but Black Sabbath is heavy metal. We loved heavy metal before everyone got the wrong end of the stick, you know what I mean, like Sabbath... The rhythm section on Sabbathis what makes it, gives it light... there's space in it still, but it’s heavy."

8. Vanilla Fudge, "You Just Keep Me Hangin' On"  

"As a joke we’ve been playing in the dressing room, but there’s this footage of them playing that tune – I guess it’s like the Supreme song – and that’s their cover of it. But their performance of it is amazing, and it’s been really inspirational. They’re on a T.V. show, but every one of them is really bringing it. There’s some keyboard moves -- moves you would never think to do sitting at a keyboard. And they’re all subscribing to that idea."

Matt Helders adds, "It’s like they’re fantastic four or something."

9. Aalyiah, "We Need A Revolution" 

"I really admire some of that R&B from like 10-15 years ago," Turner says. "Sort of put together, I suppose like 10 blends of producers for that one. There’s a few tracks where there’s a branch of that, but the architecture of that music is something I really admire."

10. Nick Cave, "Little Empty Boat"

"It’s one of his lesser known tracks, but I felt that iHeartRadio might be a good place for it," Turner says. "You might dig that. I was just really blown away by this track." 

Listen to the Arctic Monkeys' Guest DJ'd station on iHeartRadio

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